Cam flashers

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LOUIS, MO — A woman was escorted out of a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium after flashing the stadium camera Wednesday night.

The Belleville News Democrat reports that she was not arrested. Louis Post-Dispatch that, “The woman was ejected from the game for violating the ground rules for guests we have in place to ensure a family friendly environment here at the ballpark.” The woman’s motive is unclear.

Depending on how those laws are written, the no Photo may slip right into a loophole since it doesn't physically cover over the plate. Red light camera-foiling devices are almost as controversial as red light cameras themselves.

The no Photo is in working prototype form and is currently raising funds on Indie Go Go. Is the no Photo the car accessory you've been waiting for or is it tantamount to cheating?

They also restore your vehicle to its original condition.Those flashes make the plate too bright for the camera to capture.Besides combating red light cameras, the no Photo may also find a niche in Hollywood by protecting the license plate numbers of celebrities with paparazzi on their tails.They also provide improved visibility while you drive on-road and off-road.Our collection of Turn Signal Lights & Flashers include Turn Signal Flashers and Turn Signal Lights & Lenses.

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