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You see someone if you can marry them or you never see them again.

It’s all or nothing.” Xu says people were asked if they were married or “not married” rather than married or “single.” The “single” label began emerging over the past few decades, largely due to exposure to Western culture, in films and television.

Instead, they’re using those sales to help make this Singles’ Day their last.

“There are karaoke dating events, blind dates,” she says.

“China used to be a society where there was no dating culture,” she says.

“There was no going on dates to turn into a relationship.

READ: Cost of Marrying One of China's Outnumbered Women Continues to Skyrocket The claims come from a survey conducted by Chinese dating site Zhen'ai, which calculated the averages of 6,289 profiles out of its 100 million users.

Beijing men exemplify the willingness of Chinese men who want to smooth over differences with their better halves as soon as possible, represented by 55 percent of men in the survey.

Beijing men looking to start a family face the most expensive housing requirements from prospective wives in all of China, followed by those in Shanghai and Guangzhou.S., China’s anti-Valentine’s Day was quickly co-opted by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which latched onto the event in 2009 and turned it into a day of massive online sales.Last year’s Singles’ Day resulted in .8 billion in sales over the course of 24-hours, which is 2.5 times more than Cyber Monday in the United States.When Yue Xu began a dating consulting business for men in Beijing last year, she noticed that many of her clients had set the exact same day to quit bachelor-dom.That deadline fell on November 11, or 1-1-1-1, China’s National Singles’ Day.

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