Dating a turkish man

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Güngör said these children are more inclined to speak Turkish and even choose Islam as their religion.

The study also emphasized that cultural differences are the main reason behind divorce in marriages between different nationalities and religious issues are not a major factor.

Marriage between different nationalities comes with its own challenges, settling in abroad foremost among them.

For the last four years, Parliament has been working on a project to improve life, especially for married Turkish women living abroad.

Güngör said the existing political, cultural and religious differences between Turkish and German families do not create a problem for younger people, which is why they are open to Turkish-German marriages.

He said Turks living abroad prefer Germans as spouses the most, and the rate of Turkish-German marriages is high.

Over 15 percent of the marriages were between Russians and foreign citizens.

Local records also revealed that in Alanya, a popular tourist destination in Turkey's southern province of Antalya, 314 women from 39 different countries have chosen Turkish men as their husbands.

For the past two years of the four I’ve lived abroad, I’ve been dating a Turkish man.

We met in England as postgraduates, an in between space that was neither Greece, nor Turkey, nor the United States, just after I had spent some time in Istanbul.

To us, the fact that we’re in a relationship with someone of the “other” culture isn’t interesting.

In Germany, Catholic churches give a one-week preparation program to the partner that will marry a partner from a different religion.

Güngör said this practice is helpful for couples, adding that Turks also take the program if they are going to marry a Catholic.

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