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Most of the many authors whom Olivia and Ethan discuss in their post-coital conversations are real, and well-chosen — Marguerite Duras, Italo Calvino, Tolstoy. The way Ethan and Olivia praise each other's work as "brilliant" and "deep" and "rich" without ever giving any details about what the books are about may be an attempt to avoid detracting from the main thrust of their relationship, but the vague superlatives don't sound believable.

There are jokes about antiquated word-processing programs and poetic declarations about the intoxicating smell of old books. Yet most of their other chat (much of which serves as a preface or afterword to their having sex) is thoroughly convincing.

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Lest that all sound too heady and cerebral, let it be known that each of the first three scenes in Eason's script ends with this stage direction: "Clothes come off.Olivia's self-confidence as a writer has been undermined by the poor marketing decisions concerning her debut novel and indifferent response it received.Ethan, known to his legion of online fans as "Ethan Strange," has scored two national best sellers adapted from a blog on which he recounts his frequent sexual dalliances.While the sex scenes may leave you unsatisfied — a big disappointment for a play called "Sex With Strangers" — it really helps that the dialogue is so smart and well-tuned.When you're not in the mood, it's always nice to curl up with a good book."SEX WITH STRANGERS" by Laura Eason, directed by Rob Ruggiero, is at Theater Works through April 17.

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