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But I had something to do with it [so there is a connection].

But it seems like we’re almost back in the 50’s and 60’s with 45s, which people were buying until the Beatles came along and made the album an ALBUM. As computer processors get bigger and faster, and the music is able to sound better and not be so compressed as mp3, I think people will get back into hifi.Asked on Thursday morning about the apparent discrepancy in the statements, Manson's rep told The Times that, according to management, Manson has indeed "parted ways" with White, and added, "Twiggy can say whatever he wants to say but [that] they parted ways is official."Update, p.m.: The story was updated with a statement from Marilyn Manson's representative.Goon Moon is a collaboration between Jeordie White (current Nine Inch Nails touring member, formerly ‘Twiggy Ramirez’ of Marilyn Manson) and Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality, producer for such bands as Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age).Its definitely brings music to more people, and the whole point is for your music to be heard. Again, you can use it to your advantage, or whine about it, and I prefer to use it.”Jeordie : “I think that if you put out a record that is worth listening to AS a record, then people will.But people are making records based on singles, trying to get their song into the new ‘Fantastic Four’ or ‘Spiderman’ movie.

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