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15 investment products and strategies to avoid But for new investors building a portfolio through small, regular contributions, reduced transaction costs may be an even better reason to consider an ETF over a mutual fund.Even low-cost brokerage platforms charge fees to buy and sell some mutual funds. And by the way, if the fund is on a "no transaction fee" platform, the chances are pretty good that you're paying a higher expense ratio to cover the fees charged by that platform to the fund family.First, to be fair, let's review a few reasons why ETFs can be a better solution than mutual funds.ETFs generally have lower associated costs than comparable mutual funds."While all passive strategies start from a similar investment theology, there are noticeable denominational divides.So while many investors are attracted to the seeming similarities of thought behind ETFs, index investing and evidence-based investing, you can't really replicate evidenced-based investing with ETFs." Tax efficiency is the second most popular rallying cry heralding the ETF advance, and again, for good reason.

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ETFs make it almost impossible for a manager to add value, where mutual fund managers have more flexibility.Here are three reasons why I don't use ETFs: 1: Life is complex enough without overly complex ETFs.While they appear simpler and more efficient than traditional funds, some ETFs are a great deal more complex and even gangly.It has led to hordes of disappointed oil ETF owners who've experienced historical underperformance relative to the price of oil. For the record, I'd prefer you not speculate on individual commodities, anyway.Instead, consider a diversified commodity holding, and only do so in tax-privileged accounts.

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