Protection pilot not updating

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Pilots who follow the necessary steps can fly in aircraft weighing up to 6,000 lbs.gross takeoff weight, with up to six seats and carrying up to five passengers.“The reforms are now law and that means we’re in the home stretch when it comes to getting more pilots flying without compelling them to repeatedly go through the expensive and burdensome medical certification process,” said Baker.“But there’s more work to do to ensure that the law is translated into regulations that make sense and work in the real world.” Under the reforms, pilots who have held a valid medical certificate any time in the decade prior to July 15, 2016, may not need to take another FAA medical exam.

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Search for an upcoming seminar on, or attend one at EAA Air Venture or at an AOPA Regional Fly-In. As far back as 1979, AOPA petitioned the FAA to extend the validity of the third class medical certificate from two years to three.Rebooted server and:-1) Protection Pilot carried out scheduled updates from to the following day.2) The Protection Pilot logs stopped at 3) Protection Pilot front screen reports last update at and next update due increments on the hour.(currently )4) No updates are happening - Dats are still on 4414 so the current 4415 has not been downloaded. About a week or so ago one of our customers rebooted their server and ever since that date Protection Pilot has not been automatically updating :confused: Under server tasks the Server Update task despite how many times you change the schedule the update just doesn't run it just ignores the task.The 10-year lookback period applies to both regular and special issuance medicals.Pilots whose most recent medical certificate was revoked, suspended, withdrawn, or denied will need to obtain a new medical certificate before they can operate under the reforms.

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