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Random rapeing is allow (NOT literallean figuratively.Once again refer to any instructions a chat room has pertaining to text editing use.Posting Links And E-Mail Now during a conversation with someone, they happen to ask for your homepage address or e-mail address, but you don't know how to post.In the Buddhist Jataka story known as Akiti Jataka there is a mention to Damila-rattha (Tamil dynasty).Posted: , Author: Isegekug Efforts to reform the mmda are being met with stern resistance from hardcore religious groups, who have been attempting to disrupt a process of reform that is in the hands of a committee appointing under a previous cording to one political analyst, the mmda.

A third inscription in Kanheri Caves refers to a Dhamila-gharini (Tamil house-holder).

Between the 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century AD, Tamil people produced native literature that came to be called Sangam literature.

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Locally developed scripts such as Grantha and Pallava script induced the development of many native scripts such as Khmer, Javanese Kawi script, Baybayin and Thai.

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