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This kind of confusing situation is exactly why we tell people to not schtupp their roommates.

And you’re kind of her sugar daddy, but you don’t want to date her?

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I don't know about you, but this just isn't my idea of a good time. Here's an example email for you: "Hi, it was fun talking yesterday...

I'm thinking that we should get together tomorrow for a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation. " Here's the key: IF YOU WANT TO BE A MAN THAT SHE FEELS ATTRACTION FOR, THEN QUIT ACTING LIKE ALL THE OTHER GUYS THAT TRY TO BUY HER ATTENTION WITH FOOD AND GIFTS.

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In other words, when you do this, you're setting an expectation that you're going to do this from NOW ON.

Consult the Illinois Tenant Handbook to find out your rights as a renter.

She’s taking advantage of your generosity (and probably your feelings for her) and it’s time to stop letting that happen. It seems like you should ask her to move out as well. Depending on whether she’s on the lease or not, you may be able to evict her for not paying rent.

2) You're subtly saying "I feel like I need to use a bribe to get you to see me again".

I'm sure that men have been bribing women with food and gifts since the dawn of our species. Check out how our closest relatives, the chimps use food to persuade females to have sex with them. 3) Once you "take a woman out" and prove to her beyond the shadow of a doubt that you like to pay for things, you set a whole series of other unconscious expectations in place.

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