Taboo sex

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The problem with male dominated societies is that they incriminate premarital sex among women but encourage the same among men.

The gap exists because the media in Middle East fails to recognize that a shift is occurring and women are striving for more empowerment within their confinements in the culture.

Next on my list is 'Despacito'." On the other end of the line, the caller's jaw and phone drop on the floor.

It is safe to assume that Despacito has been a part of religious festivals and anniversaries of freedom fighters. No birthday party these days is complete without it.

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"We're still very surprised by this," Fonsi said in an interview.

Young women in a vast of many cultures in the developing world still face challenges that result to their marginalization.

The problem is more prevalent with many cultures of the Middle East especially those that profess Muslim faith.

There is a wide gap in sexual and reproductive health development for young women in Middle East.

The gap widens as the policymakers and media plays remain ignorant of the dangers of not talking about sex and how sexual health plays into the entire healthcare system.

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