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An active data service plan from your wireless service provider 2.A Gmail email account (if you don’t have one, set up a Gmail account now) 3. Black Berry® Device Software 4.5 or later (to find your version, check out how to identify Black Berry Device Software versions) Note: If you are using Black Berry Device Software 5.0 or later, the Enhanced Gmail Plug-in is preinstalled on your Black Berry smartphone.Archiving Gmail messages A great tip to keep your Gmail inbox organized is to Archive messages on your Black Berry smartphone.Something to keep in mind: Depending on how you’ve set your Black Berry smartphone to store messages, an archived message might be deleted from your smartphone after a certain period of time.If you apply a label to an individual message in a conversation, the label is applied to all of the messages in the conversation. Select the “Gmail” email icon to view your Gmail email messages, and highlight a Gmail email message 2.

For example, similar to the Google Mail web application that you can use on your computer, related email messages are grouped into a single conversation, and you have access to several options to help you organize your Gmail inbox such as creating and applying your labels, reporting spam, archiving messages and adding stars to important messages.

Tip: For those using Black Berry® 7 OS, you can also access the Gmail-specific features from the Messages icon as well as the dedicated Gmail icon that appears on your home screen after integrating your Gmail account.

At this point, you’ve successfully set up your Gmail email account with the Black Berry Internet Service!

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Did you know that you don’t need a Gmail™ app to get your Gmail messages on your Black Berry® smartphone?

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