Who is lindsay yenter dating dating minor

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Lindsay Yenter left Sean Lowe’s season of broken-hearted, but she found love soon after leaving the show.

Lindsay has been dating a guy named Karl Swanson for some time now, and it seems he has just proposed. Yenter shared the big news via Instagram, posting a photo of her ring.

It's a recent relationship, but I'm not really ready to go public with it yet," she explains.

special, Sean and Catherine revealed that their wedding would be televised on ABC, a decision Lindsay totally supports. I am so excited to watch their whole wedding unfold on TV," she says. In the end, I was a part of two people falling in love, and I don't regret being a part of it."Lindsay adds, "Sean is such a great guy and I want him to be happy and I want him to find love.

I have such a great support system and I'm dating, so it is all really good things.So, we no longer have to feel *really, really* bad for her. lately, and now, an engagement reveal is making many fans smile. Some fans have been waiting for this one for a while, and they are very excited for this former contestant.Lindsay Yenter says she has no hard feelings when it comes to Sean Lowe, Catherine Guidici and The Bachelor, despite her tear-filled exit last night. , signaling support for the engaged couple one day after her rejection aired on The Bachelor finale."I am really content in how everything ended," Lindsay Yenter adds.

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